Big turnout helps former G.C. councilman Zangari

“Over-the-top overwhelmed” was how former Glen Cove City Councilman Mike Zangari described his reaction to the fundraiser held in his honor on Feb. 2 at the Church of St. Rocco. Zangari was …

Celebrating black history at the North Shore Historical Museum

The main hallway of the North Shore Historical Museum was alive with the celebratory voices of the First Baptist Church Adult Choir on Sunday, as the group performed a variety of gospel songs for a …

Rio International: Keeping the North Shore cool for 40 years

The storefront of Rio International Refrigeration is one of dozens of businesses on Glen Cove Ave. near downtown Glen Cove, and lacking massive signs or advertisements, it could be easy to miss. …

Legislators tighten New York's gun laws

On Jan. 30, state lawmakers approved the first new gun control laws since the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act passed in 2013. Gun control advocates cheered the further tightening …


Four Chaplains honored at St. Boniface

The USS Dorchester sank after being hit by a German torpedo on Feb. 3, 1946, as it was making its way to Greenland during World War II. As the ship was sinking, four chaplains aboard the ship …


Glen Cove Councilman Michael Zangari resigns

A letter was read at Tuesday night’s pre-council meeting saying that City Councilman Michael Zangari was resigning from his position “effective immediately” as a result of a medical …

A feast full of history at Garvies Point Museum and Preserve in Glen Cove

Hidden in the woodlands of Glen Cove, visitors wandered the grounds of Garvies Point Museum and Preserve during the annual Native American Feast last Saturday. Each year, the weekend before …


State must do right by mental health patients

Society has long looked down on mental health patients, according to Andrew Malekoff, executive director of the Roslyn Heights-based North Shore Child & Family Guidance Center. So it has been all too easy for insurance companies . . .

Glen Cove synagogue and churches honor Frank and MLK

The Congregation of Tifereth Israel, Calvary AME Church and First Baptist Church, joined together in a march to honor Anne Frank and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Jan. 20. Both Frank and King would …


Challenges ahead for Democratic Senate

As New York Democrats look ahead to two years of majority control of the State Senate — and the Assembly and the governor’s mansion — they should also remember the past and learn from their predecessors’ mistakes.

Randi Kreiss

How well do you think you know your kids?

The operative word above is “think,” because no parent can ever know his or her child, especially during the firestorm known as adolescence.

Randi Kreiss

Shut the door on 2018. Nail that sucker shut.

We aren’t so much leaping into the New Year as we are fleeing the old one.