Don't miss the annual Long Island International Film Expo

The Long Island Film/TV Foundation and the Nassau County Film Commission will present the 21st Annual Long Island International Film Expo from July 13 to 19 at the historic Bellmore Movies. This …

Friday Night Car Show thrills through summer

Yet again, all summer through Oct. 5, the Bellmore Long Island Railroad parking lot is taken over every Friday night for a friendly and impressive classic car showcase, with the Bellmore Friday Night Car Show.


Villages deserve greater share of state sales taxes

Tens of millions of dollars in state sales taxes are generated in Nassau County’s 64 villages each year. The state keeps part of the money, and sends part of it . . .

Randi Kreiss

Recoil at the sight of steamers? We eat ’em by the pound.

They aren’t vegetarian. They aren’t kosher. They aren’t fish and they aren’t fowl. They aren’t even appetizing. In fact, they don’t look edible . . .

Scott Brinton

The first job I ever loved

I can still picture the last day of my fourth and final summer as a Fresh Air Fund counselor at Camp Hayden Marks, on the 2,000-acre Sharpe Reservation in upstate Fishkill, 28 years ago. The campers . . .

Randi Kreiss

Under the volcano in Hawaii and Washington

Kilauea is blowing her top. These last weeks we have witnessed, from afar, a pyrotechnic extravaganza on the Big Island of Hawaii.