The importance of knowing who to call in an emergency

Since the emergence of emergency telecommunications in the early years, the residents of the East Meadow Fire District have had the sanctity of calling the East Meadow Fire Department direct 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Although campaigns to promote our emergency line at 542-0576 have increased the awareness of our residents, a number of fire calls are still routed through the 911 system. Here is what our residents should know.

East Meadow in good standing

East Meadow’s girls’ basketball team is where coach Pete Olenik anticipated heading into the second half of the conference season, perhaps even exceeding his expectations.

Temple Emanu-El holds very personal production of Fiddler on the Roof

In honor of its last show in East Meadow, Temple Emanu-El is performing Fiddler on the Roof— the same show that re-launched its musical theater program in 2003.

W.T. Clarke students create coloring books for NUMC

The members of the National Art Honor Society at W.T. Clarke High School brought back an old tradition of using their talents to inspire the sick and needy.