George Santos expelled from Congress

George Santos has become the first  congressman to be expelled from the U.S. House of Representatives without first being convicted of a felony since the Civil War.


This long-awaited Long Island Cares pantry plans to open next spring

The long-awaited and long-promised onsite emergency food pantry facility, run by the Freeport-based regional food bank, Long Island Cares, may finally be up and running by this spring. While the …

Veterans receive vital support in Freeport

Soldiers often fight not out of hatred for what’s in front of them, but because of the love for what they left behind. Upon their return from warzones, veterans may find that their needs for …

Nine scientific research students at South Side compete at a national level

Three South Side students will present at the MRS meeting and expo in Boston on Nov. 30, while six others have entered the 2024 Regeneron Science Talent Search, the country's longest-running science and math competition.

Concerns about tax impact to school district

Town of Oyster Bay plans to add parking in Glen Head

In a move aimed at revitalizing Glen Head’s downtown area and supporting local businesses hit hard by the pandemic, the Town of Oyster Bay is in the process of purchasing an empty lot at 2 …

Legislator-elect Seth Koslow looks ahead after close election

In a closely watched race earlier this month, Nassau County voters elected Democrat Seth Koslow to the seat in the Legislature’s 5th District.

Baldwin man meets pilot who saved his life in crash

Baldwin resident Lancelot Theobald Jr., who survived a plane crash more than 40 years ago, was finally able to personally express his gratitude to the co-pilot who saved his life.

Grief is messy — ‘Circle of Hope’ understands

It is often said that there are seven stages of grief — but those who have lost a loved one know the process isn’t nearly so neat or linear. Circle of Hope, a Lynbrook-based bereavement …

Sofie Glassman, East Meadow teen, among speakers at Long Island rally

Jewish teenagers from high schools and colleges came together at a rally in Merrick last week, in solidarity and support for Israel amid its ongoing war against Hamas.


Staying safe: The county’s 13-second challenge

How long is 13 seconds? If you ask Google, it’s long enough to run 100 meters. Send a text message. Make a paper airplane. In Nassau County, however, it’s also the amount of time — on average — between car crashes.


Banning books is not what America is about

Perhaps we Americans are overly confident in the belief that our constitutional rights, including the First Amendment right to free speech, are inviolate.


A rabbi’s musings on where antisemitism comes from

What does it mean to be antisemitic? Can Jews do better in fighting against it? This is a complex issue, and a difficult one. It requires looking outside and inside our community.

Jerry Kremer

The boys and girls are back from recess

The older you get, the more you think about the times when things were simple and pleasurable. That especially applies to my years in school, when my only cares were . . .


How to learn not to take life for granted

Realizing that I’ve been taking something for granted is never an abstraction. It generally happens by whack and wallop.