'Tis The Season

‘Fostering a sense of community’ with Baldwin’s yearly tree lighting

If you’re catching a train or disembarking from one at the Baldwin Long Island Rail Road station starting this Sunday night, and you see bright lights three quarters of a mile to the south, that will be Katie Blazdell’s Christmas tree.

Former Bruins football coach catalogs history

Stephen Carroll, former head coach of the Baldwin High School football team, recently reflected on how his book, “100 Years of Baldwin Football,” has impacted the community.

Paw It Forward Pet Pantry collecting items until Jan. 2

The Baldwin Harbor Animal Hospital is collecting items for their second annual pet pantry.

Hanukkah to be more ‘significant’ than ever before

The South Baldwin Jewish Center, SBJC, will be hosting their annual Chanukah Candle Lighting next month, but amid the Oct. 7 attack on Israel, the holiday will hold more significance.

Baldwin High School named to 2023 AP School Honor Roll

For the first time, Baldwin High School has been designated with ”Silver with Access” as the 2023 Advanced Placement Honor Roll recipient for optimizing college readiness and broadening student access through AP classes.


Staying safe: The county’s 13-second challenge

How long is 13 seconds? If you ask Google, it’s long enough to run 100 meters. Send a text message. Make a paper airplane. In Nassau County, however, it’s also the amount of time — on average — between car crashes.


Banning books is not what America is about

Perhaps we Americans are overly confident in the belief that our constitutional rights, including the First Amendment right to free speech, are inviolate.


A rabbi’s musings on where antisemitism comes from

What does it mean to be antisemitic? Can Jews do better in fighting against it? This is a complex issue, and a difficult one. It requires looking outside and inside our community.

Jerry Kremer

The boys and girls are back from recess

The older you get, the more you think about the times when things were simple and pleasurable. That especially applies to my years in school, when my only cares were . . .


How to learn not to take life for granted

Realizing that I’ve been taking something for granted is never an abstraction. It generally happens by whack and wallop.