Holiday events on the North Shore!

Sunday, Dec. 10, Holiday market Browse among handmade gifts and goodies at St. Luke’s holiday market, Sunday, Dec. 10, 1-5 p.m. With music, crafts for kids and merry-making. Spend $10 or …

Panels will spotlight historic landmarks in the hamlet

New historic panels to highlight Theodore Roosevelt’s life in Oyster Bay

In the heart of Oyster Bay, a transformation is underway — a project that promises to transport residents and visitors back in time, immersing them in the rich history of the hamlet. The …

Learn about Oyster Bay’s favorite president

Oyster Bay Railroad Museum blends history and innovation with new Theodore Roosevelt Augmented Reality app

In a move that blends the rich history of Oyster Bay with cutting-edge technology, the Oyster Bay Railroad Museum has unveiled its new Theodore Roosevelt Augmented Reality experience. Funded by a …

Molto bene brunch at Stellina Ristorante in Oyster Bay celebrates the end of Italian Cuisine Week

Italian officials, local businesspeople and those who love Italian cuisine gathered at Stellina Ristorante on Saturday to celebrate the end of Italian Cuisine Week with an extensive brunch event and …

A war 1,000 miles away still affects refugee

Ukrainian refugee reflects on adjusting to life in Sea Cliff

It can be easy to think the North Shore of Long Island exists in a bubble, but even here the effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine are being felt. Anna, a Ukrainian refugee, has been living …

Head of Ethics Committee introduces resolution to expel George Santos

A resolution to expel U.S. Rep. George Santos from Congress was introduced Friday morning by Republican House Ethics Committee Chairman Michael Guest. The resolution comes on the heels of a …

George Santos announces he will not seek re-election following Ethics Committee investigation

Representative George Santos announced that he would not seek reelection following the results of the House Ethics Committee’s investigation into the embattled congressman. Santos took to X on …


In Israel, war ends politics, diplomacy as usual

Hamas’s Saturday-morning assault on Israel was more than just a shocking demonstration of barbarism. The toll of Israeli dead and wounded — not to mention those kidnapped and taken to the Gaza Strip by these murderers — is sickening.


Once more, Israel goes to war

Like everyone in our community and all right-minded people in the world, I am horrified by the heinous terrorist attacks that occurred in Israel beginning last weekend.

Peter King

What happened in the House will damage Congress

The removal of Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the House of Representatives, led by perennial malcontent Matt Gaetz, was disgraceful, and will have lasting negative implications for Congress and the nation.


Surviving, and thriving, after breast cancer

Twenty years ago, I became one of the more than 4 million women in America who are breast cancer survivors.