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Randi Kreiss

Dear Randi: A peek inside my mailbox


I get plenty of letters, but only a few of them get published, so I thought you’d like to see some samples of the mail I get day in and day out from supporters and critics, the thoughtful, the loonies and the insightful. What follows, without commentary, are the words of some readers who decided to take a moment to share their thoughts (edited but unidentified).

Dear Randi: Based on your columns, you already have become “that person”: The person who hopes and prays that something bad happens to people you disagree with. What a country, in which somebody who’s anti-American, anti-capitalism and probably a socialist can get paid to do what you do.

Do you realize that people view those who don’t report the facts and the truth as being immoral? Do you know how many people read your columns and feel that way about you? No disrespect meant, just a rant from a passionate, patriotic American.

Dear Randi: I just want to thank you for your column, and tell you how much I appreciate your words. I find myself cowering from conversations concerning Trump, unable to understand the massive amount of support this blatantly disrespectful clod has among seemingly intelligent people. His rude, crude mannerisms should have never been tolerated! I’m baffled, disenchanted and disheartened by the division his presidency has had on our lives.

Dear Randi: Thank you for your insightful column. I am also part of the anti-Trump movement. He’s an embarrassment to the office of the presidency. And those are kind words. His message of hate has gone deep into the psyche of the people of our great country.

I am certain that a similar situation took place as Hitler came to power, or when brother fought against brother during the Civil War. I pray every day that he will not be re-elected, or better yet, he will be removed from office. Please continue to speak up against this president.

Dear Randi: Your Jan. 2 column, laughably titled “My resolution is not to become that person,” is unfortunately too late: you already are that person. A person so blinded by her Trump Derangement Syndrome that she feels the need to perpetuate the DNC and media distortions about President Trump. It’s a shame Pravda is no longer published, as you would have made a fine addition to its staff of “truth tellers.”

I look forward to your tear-filled column this November on the death of democracy and other such nonsense when President Trump is re-elected.

Dear Randi: How phony can you get? You will hold love in your heart? How can you say that and put out your column almost every week showing how much you hate President Trump? You can’t do that almost every week and say you don’t and think that makes you a wonderful person.

There are a lot of stories in the papers about people attacking Jewish people. I have not seen anything in your columns about this. Is that because you can’t blame President Trump? Try not to be a phony in the new year. I would love to hear your reply but I know I will not.

Dear Randi: I only read your columns when none of the anti-Trump stuff appears. They are very, very good and leave this reader in a good place.

Dear Randi: Thank you for keeping your readers apprised of the horrors of Trump. “The world is not threatened by those who do evil, but by those who let it happen.” — Albert Einstein. Thank you for doing your part!

Dear Randi: Wow, I have had enough of you. Go work at CNN and get out of our local paper with your godawful views. This community doesn’t want to hear from you or be subjected to your negativity. Good riddance every week. We are sick of it.

Dear Randi: Every week I look forward to the Herald for the delight your column brings me. Your insight, common sense, writing style and sense of humor deserve applause, and your fitting commentary about our rogue president merits national broadcasting. You provide an invaluable service to our community. In this wacky world of ours, you are a beacon of sanity.

Dear Randi: Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are a breath of fresh air, a gem hidden in a small-town paper. I have forwarded your article on the “alte kakers” running for office to my crew, including my book club of retired and semi-retired (I still teach at Hofstra) professional women … and some men. I just wish you had a bigger audience.

Dear Randi: I am one of the 63 million voters who elected President Trump. Fear not our president, but fear those that are trying to undo the election results.

Dear Randi: I have finished reading you latest column, and I must say that it is totally confusing, irrelevant and totally biased.

Copyright 2019 Randi Kreiss. Randi can be reached at randik3@aol.com.