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Solages gets a reluctant nod in the 3rd L.D.


There is no doubt that Carrié Solages, from Valley Stream, is a solid and effective advocate for his communities, and it is for that reason we believe he is the best candidate this cycle to represent the county’s 3rd Legislative District.

Solages has taken a strong leadership position addressing the dire safety conditions on Dutch Broadway and the surrounding streets, holding emergency town halls and helping to implement tangible safety measures. He has also been working to improve safety on North Central Avenue near Exit 13, which is a treacherous intersection.

Solages asks that news outlets ignore his 2018 guilty plea to disorderly conduct related to allegations of domestic violence. But the truth is, it happened, and it will forever dog him while he remains in office, and so it should.

Solages’s opponent, Nathan Wein of Inwood, is a bright, young challenger with fresh ideas, particularly regarding ways to make Nassau County’s multi-billion-dollar budget more intelligible to the average resident. Additionally, as an entrepreneur, he knows better than most the challenges that face small-business owners in the county. In his interview, he expressed willingness to go against his party when he believes it’s appropriate, and we appreciate that.

On the same note, however, while Wein offered a nuanced take on county’s property-tax reassessment in person, his responses by email parroted Nassau Republicans’ cynical talking points regarding the process. We were disappointed by that. Additionally, he admitted that he had yet to visit Elmont, a traditionally overlooked neighborhood, and that was a strong knock against him. Still, we hope he remains in politics if he is not elected.

Solages clearly understands his district’s needs, and now that he has regained his committee seats in the Legislature following his guilty plea, he is in a position to make good things happen.