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Levittown teachers keep conservation promise

Jonas E. Salk Middle School Spanish Club advisers Kirsten Anderson and Veronica Miller followed through on the wishes of club members to raise money in order to adopt a turtle in late April. For …

The Hagedorn Little Village School celebrates 50 years

Even in the most disordered of times, birthdays are celebrated, anniversaries and weddings observed and beginnings and endings bring rejoicing or tears. So the coronavirus pandemic isn’t …

Senior athletes: from standouts to hopefuls

It had been a few weeks since any coaches had held practices, and just as long since any athletes had stepped onto a field. The hope of even shortened seasons for spring sports were diminishing by …

Cycling the Wantagh Parkway trail, social distancing-style

Nassau County has fewer than 50 miles of bike trails, compared to New York City, which has 450, and Suffok County, which has 370. So Nassau residents have long had a hard time finding a place to ride …

Food foraging more difficult

It was early Monday morning, and despite the hour, senior citizens were lined up in impressive numbers, prepared to take advantage of the store’s early-bird, seniors-only admission. Most …

Nassau executive offers sobering assessment in Covid-19 address

County Executive Laura Curran delivered a 23-minute address Thursday night that was at once hopeful, but stark in its assessment of the psychic and monetary toll the coronavirus pandemic has …

Bespoke barbers hand out another 1,000 masks

Spring seemed finally to have arrived on a sunny, warm Easter Sunday. Jessica and Edward Dennehy, proprietors of Wantagh’s Mad Men Bespoke Barbers, observed the day by handing out protective masks.

State comptroller creates 'Financial Survival Toolkit'

State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli has compiled a “Covid-19 Financial Survival Toolkit” for New York residents. The list of resources, including various crucial phone numbers and important …

Cancellations bring Wantagh athletes heartache, dashed hopes

It was game over for spring sports in Seaford and Wantagh, after a gut-wrenching decision by school officials and coaches from across Long Island last week to put the health of athletes and their families first.

Seeking to avoid sewer ‘wipeout’

The combination of residents staying home and the now-common practice of flushing sanitary wipes is overloading Nassau County's sewer system, creating massive blockages and clogging pumps.

How to make a mask in four easy steps

Making a mask is simple, using a T-shirt and paper towel or coffee filter. Here's how, in four simple steps.

How soap destroys the coronavirus

Hand washing with soap and water remains one of the most effective defenses against the coronavirus — provided it is done correctly.

Stress-busting made simple

Nearly everyone has heard the term "mindfulness," but even during the most stressful of circumstances, most people have only a vague idea of how it might benefit them or what they might do to be mindful. Here are some easy steps.