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Police shoot and kill Oceanside man involved in domestic dispute


An Oceanside man is dead after Nassau County police shot him when he charged at officers with several knives in his hands, according to authorities.

He was shot inside his Columbus Avenue home.

The man was not identified by police at press time, nor was his age given. The man, who lived at home with his father, was involved in some form of domestic dispute, but it was unclear precisely what happened.

Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder was on the scene. Ryder said the man was instructed by officers more than once to stand down.

According to police, four officers were injured responding to this incident. One suffered a back injury while performing CPR in an attempt to revive the man after he was shot. Another was hurt during an altercation with the man. One was injured in an accident on the way to the scene and was hospitalized. No further information about the officer's condition was available at press time. And it was unclear how the fourth officer was hurt.

This is a developing story.