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Officials don’t need to raise taxes to fix finances (Feb. 21 - Feb. 27)


To the Editor:

Your candidate interviews last week were eye-opening. Most shocking was candidate Vincent Grasso’s statement: “We could fix the bond rating tomorrow by raising taxes 10 percent.”

This contempt for taxpayers must end. If the incumbents hadn’t squandered millions of tax dollars on a second courthouse on Rockaway Avenue, the Moody’s bond rating for Valley Stream wouldn’t be junk.

On the other hand, mayoral candidate Anthony Bonelli plans to sell this unneeded white elephant and cut taxes 5 percent this year, 3 percent in 2020 and 3 percent in 2021. How refreshing to have a candidate who respects taxpayers.

Candidate Ed Fare also defended his high-density apartment assault on suburbia, whereas Candidate Bonelli’s website urges an immediate moratorium on mega-developments.

So the choice is high taxes and high buildings or low taxes and low buildings. Clearly, Bonelli better understands what Valley Streamers want.

Bill Freda

Valley Stream