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Wantagh FD provides aid after North Massapequa fire


The North Massapequa Fire Department is still finding it’s footing after suffering major departmental equipment losses due to a fire at the department’s headquarters this past Christmas morning. The Christmas Day fire caused damage to the structure of the North Massapequa firehouse and set ablaze multiple emergency response vehicles and supplies.

Since, many surrounding departments have extended a helping hand, including the Wantagh Fire Department.

“We are in a ‘mutual aid plan,’” explained Wantagh Fire Department Public Information Officer Kevin Reagan. “Which means that any assistance that we can provide to any department that calls, we will respond and do so.”

The Wantagh Fire Department donated one fire engine, which typically carry a pump, a water tank and capacity to project thousands of gallons of water; and one fire ladder, a truck that usually carries both ground and aerial ladders, as well as necessary tools.

Along with the two trucks, the Wantagh Fire Department is also loaning 12 portable radios to the North Massapequa Fire Department for their use during emergencies.

“Much of that equipment was damaged as the result of the fire,” Reagan said. “If other needs are identified that we are able to assist with, we will.”

The North Massapequa Fire Department is still servicing the area as it works out of its substation on Hicksville Road. With the aid and assistance from surrounding fire departments, North Massapequa is functioning with an assortment of loaned supplies to aid the low number of supplies that remained from the fire. Volunteers from the North Massapequa community and the surrounding neighborhoods have recently donated medical supplies to the fire department.


–J.D. Freda