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Lynbrook mayor discusses changes in place amid coronavirus


Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Lynbrook officials have expanded public notification systems and implemented changes across the village.

“We are fortunate to have our own Lynbrook TV station, which has allowed me to broadcast public service announcements to the residents asking them to stay safe,” Mayor Alan Beach said. “We have also done this through a series of emergency phone calls and text messages over our alert system. We have asked residents to support local merchants, such as food and grocery store delivery services.”

In addition to the TV station, Beach said, officials have used the village website to relay Covid-19 information to the public and share news when Gov. Andrew Cuomo makes executive orders.

Beach said the Lynbrook police and fire departments have been busy responding to daily calls from those exhibiting coronavirus symptoms, and the village has a liaison with Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder and County Executive Laura Curran to ensure that all services are coordinated between the entities.

One of the measures implemented for first responders, Beach added, is a notification when a call is dispatched that the case may include someone with coronavirus symptoms before a village employee responds to the call. The measure enables first responders to implement necessary protocols for the safety of the resident and themselves. Each LPD and LFD member is equipped with personal protection to minimize exposure to the virus, Beach added.

With the pandemic spreading, Beach said there have been major changes in the village. Many businesses have had to close after being deemed non-essential, and recreation programs have been postponed. He urged residents to support those businesses that remain.

“Those businesses that are open have constructed safety precautions to discourage the spread of the virus,” Beach said. “Social distancing is evident and more people are wearing gloves and facemasks. While these measures have been a temporary inconvenience and will cause economic harm, the ultimate result is that it is in the best benefit of safety and health, which will save lives.”