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Applebee's honors Kennedy baseball program

Celebrating victories at Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar’s Bellmore location has been a longstanding tradition for the Kennedy High School baseball program, and even though the spring sports season was cancelled, the 2020 Cougars were recognized by their go-to restaurant.

The 100 Deadliest Days for Teen Drivers

Summer is usually an exciting time for teens to enjoy a carefree break from the stress and pressure of school.It is usually the season for celebrations; proms, graduations and summer vacations. For …

Mepham Pirettes win first national championship

The Wellington C. Mepham varsity kickline team won its first national championship in program history on March 8 at the World Disney World Resort in Florida.

Chop Your Locks is going virtual in Bellmore-Merrick

Wellington C. Mepham High School’s annual Chop Your Locks for Charity event is moving to an online venue. The St. Baldrick’s fundraiser, which has guests cut their hair in support of …

Bellmore-Merrick students will complete semester on June 17

The Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District and its four component elementary school districts will conclude the semester — and months of remote learning — on Wednesday, June 17.

Merokean pursues sustainable cotton fashion

“Cotton is one of the biggest natural resources that almost everyone uses,” said Merrick resident Alexa Geller, a junior at the fashion-centric LIM College. Harvesting of the material, …

Send the Herald your stories, photos of how you're coping with the coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak has vastly altered our daily routines. Parents are at home. Children are at home. College students are at home. All must stay put, we are told, for now. People are making …


New York can learn a lot from South Korea

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is set to open beaches statewide, including Jones Beach, on Friday. It is a moment we have all eagerly awaited, a symbolic gesture signaling . . .


Stay strong, Nassau

Last weekend was cold and windy, which likely prevented many people from venturing outside to potentially crowded spaces like the Jones Beach Boardwalk. For now, that’s a good thing.


Small businesses need more federal help

Let’s not mince words: The federal government’s Paycheck Protection Program, which was supposed to hurry loans to small businesses so they can make payroll and stay afloat, has been troubled from the start.

Jerry Kremer

Cuomo puts the other guy from Queens to shame

As we suffer through pandemic-mandated home confinement, the media becomes more and more important to us each day. We follow it for information, for comfort, for life-saving advice and for ways to keep us from having nervous breakdowns.

Randi Kreiss

Having the ‘best words’ never mattered more

I am reading so many good words these days, but sadly, none of them are coming from the president. That’s a shame, because throughout history, words have inspired people to resist tyranny, to slog through depressions and to find their better selves in times of crisis.