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Glen Cove Police Department investigating Leo’s Deli robbery

Glen Cove Police Department officers are investigating a Monday night robbery of Leo’s Deli located on Glen Cove Avenue.

‘King of the wine fairies’ gets big birthday parade bash

Glen Cove resident James Pascucci, 53, received a birthday celebration fit for a king last Sunday, and it was a day he said he would never forget.

Rally at Glen Cove City Hall against potential city layoffs

CSEA Local 882 union members gathered on Tuesday night near the back entrance of Glen Cove City Hall to protest potential layoffs. 

Re-elect Suozzi in 3rd Congressional District

Hearing and then considering opinions different from one’s own in a very divided country is what is needed most among our elected leaders. Where divisiveness has become the norm, U.S. Rep. Tom …

Garden honors young victims, survivors of Holocaust

Before staff members and volunteers gathered for socially distanced tour guide training at the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County’s Children’s Memorial Garden on Friday, Oct. 9, Meryl Menashe walked up to a copper-colored stanchion in which the name Vladka Meed was etched, along with some of her words.

Is it safe to trick-or-treat in a pandemic?

With coronavirus among the scariest factors in communities across the state this year, many Glen Cove parents are wondering whether it’s safe to take their children trick-or-treating on Halloween.

Wilson, a Korean War veteran from Glen Cove, will be missed by community

Vicki Wilson said that her father, Willibe Wilson Jr., saw the good in everyone. “My father never met anyone that he didn’t like,” Wilson said. “There was always something good. Nobody was really bad. If he was your friend, he was your friend to the end.”

Re-elect Gaughran in 5th Senate District

State Sen. Jim Gaughran, a Democrat from Northport, has made it his mission to focus on the needs of his constituents in his first term in the Senate, and it is clear from his advocacy that he has …

Vote for Assemblyman Charles Lavine

New York State Assemblyman Charles Lavine is committed to serving his constituents. As chairman of the Assembly Standing Committee on Election Law, he is working to add early-voting sites to the …


Herd immunity, a recipe for further disaster

Consider the number 675,000 for a moment. That’s the number of people in the United States who died during the flu pandemic of 1918-19. Could the U.S. be headed for such widespread death again?


We must protect Long Island’s schools

There is a storm brewing, and your child’s school is in its cross hairs. It’s not a hurricane or a tornado. It’s a fiscal tsunami, and it’s going to devastate the education system on Long Island unless Albany steps up and acts.

Alfonse D'Amato

Will Washington soon be unchecked and unbalanced?

Some who are opposed to Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination are blurring the line between confirming a justice to fill a vacancy and the so-called “packing” of the court. Using this nomination to justify court packing . . .