F.S. interim-super tapped for BOCES award


The Nassau BOCES will honor Franklin Square School District Interim-Superintendent Rainer Melucci as one of a dozen educators to receive the 2019 Educational Partner Awards this spring. The awards are presented to individuals who have brought positive changes to their schools and served as a role model for their communities.

“They are all extraordinary, sharing our commitment to creating safe and caring educational environments where all students can achieve their greatest potential,” Nassau BOCES Board President Eric Schultz said.

Melucci had previously served for years as the principal of Baldwin High School and superintendent for the Seaford and Merrick school districts. In his tenure, he made positive changes to the schools’ hiring processes, energy efficiency projects and teacher and principal evaluation systems. Melucci also traveled to multiple local and national educational conferences to discuss school dropout prevention, developing standards of excellence and technology adoption in schools.

Although he’s been retired since 2012, Melucci decided to come to Franklin Square in December as former Superintendent Patrick Manley was preparing to take a medical leave because of his declining health. After being approved by the Franklin Square Board of Education to serve as the interim-Superintendent for 6 months, Melucci took the reins on Dec. 11. Melucci was happy to watch over a school district that he described as having a “great reputation within BOCES,” but he and the community were shocked to learn of Manley’s death on Dec. 27.

“Despite transitioning into the district during this terrible situation, the board members, teachers, staff and parents have all been welcoming and supportive,” Melucci said. “I’m familiar with elementary school districts and I think this is a good match for me.”

Melucci plans to finish his time at Franklin Square set for end of the school year. He will receive the Educational Partner Award at The Nassau BOCES Educational Foundation gala on April 9.