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Mapping out business in Hewlett and Woodmere


Capitol One Bank on Broadway in Hewlett opened its doors to roughly 50 people as the Hewlett-Woodmere Business Association held its annual community meeting on Oct. 24, where organization members got acquainted and caught up with old friends.

The highlight of the get together was the public unveiling of the Hewlett-Woodmere community Maptoons map, a colorful, street-lined illustration that includes the names and location of contributing businesses.

Mark Snider of Maptoons said that 12,000 of the maps were mailed across Hewlett and Woodmere and free copies are available in the real estate offices that dot both Five Towns communities. The real restates offices also received a laminated copy of the map. The map also includes discounts for area businesses and ones across Long Island, and is interactive through a mobile app.

“The best thing about doing these maps is getting to know the people and the communities, sometimes better than people themselves,” Snider said, whose company also donated $2,500 to the HWBA. The group, along with other local businesses, institutions and organizations and supports the Memorial Day Parade, and a Veterans Day ceremony and the lighting of a menorah and a Christmas tree, all at the Veterans Memorial Triangle between Broadway and West Broadway in Hewlett, and several Hew-Woodmere school-related events.

Rabbi Zalman Wolowik, leader of the Chabad of the Five Towns, joked that he has been called “Santa in July” because of his lengthy beard. That remark elicited laughter from the audience. Saying “this is a great community” he offered an informal blessing to “as the Torah tells us to honor the host.”

David Friedman, president of the HWBA and lifelong Five Towns resident, is known as the “mayor” of Hewlett and Woodmere for his ability to get to know nearly everyone and enlist them to help the communities in some fashion. The Herald Person of the Year for 2018, called on the businesses to network and invited business owners to speak about the products or services they offer. Friedman noted the upcoming HWBA events such as the tree lighting on Dec. 8 and the menorah lighting on Dec. 22, both on Sundays at 6 p.m.