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LWA Antics

Covid has everyone appreciating life much more


"Unprecedented times.” Those words have recently destroyed people as they reflect back before quarantine. We, as people in society, take our daily routines and regular activities for granted.

We have suddenly come to appreciate all the small events life has to offer because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The same is true for students at Lawrence Woodmere Academy. Students’ lives revolved around school. Some of their days would start at 5:30 a.m., waking up for transportation and leaving school as late as 7 p.m., after sports or theater practice.

During quarantine it feels as if a part is missing from who we are. Some students feel broken. However, they have been able to reminisce on some of LWA’s finest moments of the year. 

Throughout the 2019-2020 school year, LWA has had a lot to be proud of. The varsity soccer team reached the championship match in its division. The renowned boys’ varsity basketball state champions once again qualified for the NYSAIS playoffs.

In addition, LWA conducted a day of community service in memory of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. 

Recently, Upper School Principal, Marc Hoyle, and Director of College Guidance and Upper School Curriculum, Susan Lettieri, crafted a beautiful letter to inform the students and their families about the 2019-2020 academic year closing activities. 

Lawrence Woodmere Academy has set guidelines concerning regular-day schedules, final assessments, Advanced Placement exams and awards. Students will continue with their routine course schedule that stretches from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., until June 2, which will serve as  time for final presentations and assessments.

Teachers are consistently collaborating with their students on the best way to reflect their understanding of the class materials. Some teachers are assigning projects and others five successive mini quizzes.

LWA also restated the guidelines the College Board put out to provide students absolute clarification. The school has recognized all of its AP scholars for their hard work and expect the results to reflect that.

In addition, LWA will still be rewarding students for their hard work in the classroom, on the field and as global citizens, by delivering awards at the end of May.

LWA staff also share the deep pain of not being able to celebrate the 2020 seniors’ legacy. The school has an abundance of traditions to celebrate its seniors before graduation. Even with the unprecedented times everyone faces, LWA will uphold its traditions virtually and will not miss a beat!

On May 13, students met up with their advisers online to catch up and discuss the plan of action for the end of the school year. On May 19, students will compete in a Senior Game night to crack some jokes and forget their burdens.

The week of May 26 to 29, will be Senior Spirit Week in which the seniors will dress crazy according to the day’s theme. This will be followed by a virtual Senior Dinner on June 2. Lastly, will have a class of 2020 virtual commencement on June 8 at 9 a.m.

Though there is no feeling like walking across the stage in a cap and gown, seniors will have the honor of walking wherever they choose! Seniors are also acknowledged on LWA’s Instagram @lwacademy for their college decisions. 

On behalf of the Lawrence Woodmere Academy students, I would personally like to thank all of the teachers and administrators for their endless devotion to making the end of the school year as normal as possible.

We Love You Guys! As always, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Stay Sane.