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Lawrence Lately

Appreciating each other and helping those in need


As we entered the month of November, the holiday season is fast approaching. Around this time of year, students and faculty alike will often take the time to stop and think about the people and things that they are thankful for.

Some choose to express gratitude towards the family and friends that support them in their day to day life; while others are appreciative of the bed they sleep in each night. Others still are thankful for the opportunity to learn and work in an environment as welcoming and supportive as Lawrence High School. Regardless of what category you may fall into, we can all agree that there is no shortage of things to be grateful for.

In the spirit of thankfulness and giving back, the students in the Focus on Helping America club, run by Ruth Cohen, will be running their annual canned food drive this month. The goods collected throughout the month will be donated to families in need in order to provide them with some extra assistance during the holidays. This event is a wonderful opportunity for students and teachers to give back to the community in whatever ways that they can.

Many students at Lawrence High are also thankful for their good health, and recognize that not everyone is as fortunate. That thinking pushed quite a few students to attend the annual blood drive on Oct. 3, in an effort to help save some lives. In total 54 units of blood were collected that could be used 108 people. Being able to directly contribute to someone’s recovery in such a way is a great experience, which is why everyone who turned up to donate was able to leave feeling proud and excited about his or her contribution.

The best way to express thankfulness towards your friends and family is to spend time with them, which is exactly what the seniors did on Nov. 1, at the annual Senior Class Breakfast. After so much time spent working hard and studying, the seniors were excited to relax with their friends and enjoy the bagels and other treats provided through the joint efforts of the senior class officers and PTA. As one of the first senior class events of the year, it was a major success for everyone. The seniors are looking forward to all the other exciting functions that are taking place in the not too distant future, including ice skating, class bowling and, of course, the prom.

There is no shortage of gratitude in the halls of Lawrence High School. Despite the stress that students and teachers may experience as we progress into the school year, we will never fail to remember and appreciate the things that are most important to us. We hope that you will also stop to enjoy the people and things you value during this upcoming holiday season.