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Medical house calls are back



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Baby boomers and beyond might remember the convenience of calling a doctor and then being seen at home. Waiting days or even weeks for an appointment, or sitting in a crowded waiting room, was not a common occurrence. OnCallCare has brought back a modernized version of the old school house call.

Schedule an appointment online or by phone, access medical records remotely, and be examined and treated in the comfort and privacy of home. As for cost, there are no surprises. A home visit from a medical professional is a flat fee, and any extras (like a flu or pneumonia shot, wound care, a sling or splint) will be mentioned beforehand.

OnCallCare will send either physician assistant or a nurse practitioner that works with an attending medical doctor. Both are qualified to treat whatever a primary care physician can, or what an urgent care visit would cover. They can prescribe medication, give injections, interpret and order tests, and even suture a laceration. If blood tests are indicated, they will provide a prescription for a lab that will come to the home.

Medical Director, Dr. Simon Fensterzaub, a doctor of osteopathic medicine, oversees the clinicians at OnCallCare. As a primary care doctor and family physician with more than 12 years experience, he offers a full range of medical services and preventive care to both adults and children. PA Andrew Weissman, who focuses on the clinical aspect, has been working in family medicine with adults, children and teens in home settings for nearly a decade.

Whether you have a fever at night, a child with a painful ear infection, or have no one available to take a loved one to the doctor, OnCallCare is a fine solution. If you work long hours and cannot coordinate your schedule with your doctor’s, an evening or weekend appointment at home with OnCallCare might be your answer. Appointments can be made seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Usually, same day appointments are available, and if not, the following day.

In addition to its availability for sick or emergency calls, OnCallCare offers Concierge or Medical House Call memberships (monthly or annual), which are ideal for the homebound and/or elderly individuals. Services can include full head-to-toe exams, monthly checkups, renewing prescriptions, ensuring the patient is hydrated, and communication with the family and the patient’s private physician.

Right now, OnCallCare is providing medical services to Nassau County and surrounding areas. In some cases, house call fees can be submitted to insurance plans.